Thursday, December 11, 2008

so hungry

I could eat a cow. I probably have in the last two days actually. I bet I ate close to 4,000 calories yesterday (including alcohol). My thought process is that it is probably due to two different factors:
1) I only ate 1,000ish calories the day before. I have never had calories that low. I would never do that on purpose. EVER. It was just one of those days. I think my body thought I was trying to starve it, so I over compensated yesterday (this feeling of hunger has lingered today, big time!).
2) I started drinking soda again this week. Why, I don't know?! I was completely over it and had no desire to drink it again.
Self sabotage and bad choices. Ekks. I have a gym update, but am late for an appointment, so it will come later.

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Natalia said...

That is one thing I'm giving up for the new year. Soda - Regular (I don't drink) and Diet! I had to put regular in there so that when I stop drinking diet, I couldn't drink regular and say "it's not diet"! I have a sneaky, sneaky brain that looks for loopholes!! LOL