Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Old Picture

This is a picture of me at 239. It isn't the one that shows my weight the most, but it is the only one I have electronically. I was modelling some boxer shorts I won in a Christmas gift exchange, that's why they look like an elf threw up.
This week has been exceptionally "easy" as far as staying on track, but most weeks are such a struggle. It almost feels weird to have positive things to post on here. I am finally done with swim lessons, but I have a lot of practicing to do! My personal trainer has kicked my butt and every muscle in my body is so sore today!
Last night I didn't do as well on the food front. I made homemade Lo Mein (a fairly low-cal recipe), but was so famished by the time it was done I ate a huge plate full! I had a single serving of Cheetos will cooking, and followed the meal with two Hershey's kisses.
I already don't want to go to the gym tonight, but my progress has been so good this week that I would hate to not go. My weigh in for today was 192.0. Getting to the 180's seems so far away!
Well, if I can get through the next hour and a half before lunch without gnawing off my arm, the day should be okay! Hope you all are doing well too!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still learning

My first post appeared to work correctly. It didn't help my eating habits go away though. The spaghetti part of my title really eludes to my huge lack of control when it comes to food. Blame it on genetics, blame it on willpower, blame it on whatever, but I just really like food. I've improved my eating habits about 80% in the past year and a half. Probably more than that. I'm amazed I didn't weigh more than 239 now that I realize everything I shoved down my throat at one time. My problem now is portion control (and chocolate).

I love to be full. Ridiculous I know, because it doesn't even feel good to be miserably stuffed. I try to weigh and measure everything I eat. Sometimes I feel discouraged when my bf's plate looks so much more full than mine (and I eat off a smaller plate). Granted, I'm usually full by the time I finish my portion, but it still sucks not having his metabolism.

I think I do a really good job of staying active for the most part; the problem is that I haven't really found my grove. I ran two 5K's this summer. (I never had run a mile straight before this year, not even in school...I always walked the president's fitness test and cursed the president at the same time!)

Now I'm taking swimming lessons (so I can learn to surf), but the truth is, I just can't find a cardio routine that has me screaming, yes, this rocks. My personal trainer has offered to help me come up with a routine when we meet next, maybe it will be worth a shot. Last night I ran 2.5 miles, walked .25 as a warm up and another .25 as cool down. Then I went to the pool for an hour to "practice" before my swim lesson, then a half hour swim lesson. So I was exhausted!

Today will be just as action packed. I sometimes feel guilty if I don't get enough exercise in, and that may be a new mental issue, just as bad as feeling guilty for eating "badly."

Monday, July 28, 2008

Talking to you or me? Who Cares? Let's triumph

Welcome to my new blog, which I hope to really get moving in the next few days. This will be my first official post, and it will probably be pretty short as I'm getting ready to head to ab class. I have been overweight all my life, and I'm really tired of being tired.

In the past year, I've lost almost fifty pounds, but cannot seem to keep the momentum going. I thought this would be a great way to keep me accountable. I have recently started taking swimming lessons in an effort to achieve my goal of learning to surf. Baby steps right? I live in Missouri, so when I finally get the chance to take a beach vacation, I have every desire to live it up (not hide under a swimsuit cover-up)!

Hope you all enjoy my posts, even when I'm going crazy thinking I need to eat everything in sight. I guess we all have those days. I have posted some of my regular favorite blogs in the side bar so you can see some of the other people I find motivation from.

I guess I might be talking to myself, so if that is the case, go get em Tiger. I can do this!