Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Old Picture

This is a picture of me at 239. It isn't the one that shows my weight the most, but it is the only one I have electronically. I was modelling some boxer shorts I won in a Christmas gift exchange, that's why they look like an elf threw up.
This week has been exceptionally "easy" as far as staying on track, but most weeks are such a struggle. It almost feels weird to have positive things to post on here. I am finally done with swim lessons, but I have a lot of practicing to do! My personal trainer has kicked my butt and every muscle in my body is so sore today!
Last night I didn't do as well on the food front. I made homemade Lo Mein (a fairly low-cal recipe), but was so famished by the time it was done I ate a huge plate full! I had a single serving of Cheetos will cooking, and followed the meal with two Hershey's kisses.
I already don't want to go to the gym tonight, but my progress has been so good this week that I would hate to not go. My weigh in for today was 192.0. Getting to the 180's seems so far away!
Well, if I can get through the next hour and a half before lunch without gnawing off my arm, the day should be okay! Hope you all are doing well too!


butterfly said...

Oohhhh do tell about this lo-mein dish!

Glad I came across your blog!

Shanna said...

Hey! Nice to "meet" you! We seem VERY similar. I'm at 191.5, 5'3, and 28 yo. Hopefully we can support eachother along the way! I look forward to reading more!! =)