Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still learning

My first post appeared to work correctly. It didn't help my eating habits go away though. The spaghetti part of my title really eludes to my huge lack of control when it comes to food. Blame it on genetics, blame it on willpower, blame it on whatever, but I just really like food. I've improved my eating habits about 80% in the past year and a half. Probably more than that. I'm amazed I didn't weigh more than 239 now that I realize everything I shoved down my throat at one time. My problem now is portion control (and chocolate).

I love to be full. Ridiculous I know, because it doesn't even feel good to be miserably stuffed. I try to weigh and measure everything I eat. Sometimes I feel discouraged when my bf's plate looks so much more full than mine (and I eat off a smaller plate). Granted, I'm usually full by the time I finish my portion, but it still sucks not having his metabolism.

I think I do a really good job of staying active for the most part; the problem is that I haven't really found my grove. I ran two 5K's this summer. (I never had run a mile straight before this year, not even in school...I always walked the president's fitness test and cursed the president at the same time!)

Now I'm taking swimming lessons (so I can learn to surf), but the truth is, I just can't find a cardio routine that has me screaming, yes, this rocks. My personal trainer has offered to help me come up with a routine when we meet next, maybe it will be worth a shot. Last night I ran 2.5 miles, walked .25 as a warm up and another .25 as cool down. Then I went to the pool for an hour to "practice" before my swim lesson, then a half hour swim lesson. So I was exhausted!

Today will be just as action packed. I sometimes feel guilty if I don't get enough exercise in, and that may be a new mental issue, just as bad as feeling guilty for eating "badly."

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