Saturday, March 7, 2009

1/3 of the way there

I've finished 8 weeks of the academy. That is one-third of the way. I can definitely feel the effects mentally and physically of everything they have put us through this far, and it seems to only get harder. I know it is all for a good reason though, and I'm staying positive. It has been a wild ride, that is for sure!

Weight Loss: I updated my stats today. 185 (although the scales reads lower some days, I think this is probably most accurate). I haven't really established a goal weight, which is hard for me mentally right now. I haven't been thinking about weight loss a lot lately. I'm still doing the challenge at my gym, so I figure that I should probably think about it more. My true downfall is the food. I'm getting PLENTY of exercise, but my calories are almost always over 2,100 a day. I really need to aim for about 1800 with my level of activity to see good loss in my opinion, so that is for me to work on (but not today, I have a birthday party, yum cake). Although, I gave up chocolate and candy for lent, so it will be my luck that the cake will be chocolate, I may save the calories without even trying!

**I have to tell you all that I did NOT test out on my first physical test try, I was devastated. I only did 18 pushups then I was DQ'd for putting my foot in the wrong position. I also missed my 300 meter dash by 1 second. BUT I did score a good score on my mile and a half, and got third highest in my class for doing 60 situps in two minutes...that felt good.

I wish I could post more often, but it seems to be tough to get time. I like to read everyone's blogs before I get on an post something, but I was lucky to get that done today! Hope you are all staying positive. I will be thinking as positively as possible as I do push-ups for you all, hoping not to get DQ'd again!