Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hooray for awards

Shanna at a Gym Rat's Tale was kind enough to leave me an award, how did I luck out? I'm just glad she left us an update!

1. Please put the logo in your blog
2. Place a link from the person, from whom you received the award. (I already did this, overachiever me!)
3. Nominate at least 7 or more
4. Put the links of those on your blog
5. Leave a message on their blog to let them know
6. Sigh of relief, you earned that award b/c I just made you work for it!

Fat Bridesmaid, you rock my world
My dearest Kari at Taking Back Control
And last but not least...someone who has been struggling but has not given up...
Mary Beth from Boo Bear's Place

Lots of you are inspiring, but many of you have already won, so I hated double duty. If you already won once, well, you have less work to do because you have already completed this process!


Ashley said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! Shanna is the greatest!

And I'm considering a reduction, too. But I'm only 23, so I'm poor, and waiting to see if they will shrink as I continue losing weight. So far, they've only grown!!! But I'm hoping.

Love your blog--you're now on my feed reader!

Andrea said...

You are far too sweet!! Congratulations on getting in the Academy.


Awww thanks for the love! I feel all special now!

Thinking Thin said...

It's so hard to pass on those awards. I cheated :). Grats on yours! You are very deserving of it and grats on getting in the academy! Woo hoo!

Trisaratops said...

Oh my, you are too too kind to me - since I am the worst commenter ever. Thank you so much!

Boo Bear's Place said...

awwh thanks so much!! I feel so honored. Its my first Tagg or award or whatever its called. *Holding Award* Thank you so much for being a faithful commenter your awesome.