Friday, December 12, 2008


I bought a bag of mixed beans recently on a whim. Now I have no idea how to use them (literally, I don't even know how to make them soft). Anybody have any good bean adivce, or know of a website with good bean advice?


MizFit said...

look here:

or here!

and keep us posted :)

Kari said...

Alrighty girl I'm playing catch up.
You go and select me for an award on one of my worst weeks yet. Priceless. LOL. However thank you that was very kind of you! And um yeah can we just say "WHOOT WHOOT" for you getting accepting and blowing the req's to bits! Which I might add..I'd be the girl in class that your blowing to bits...please be kind to her though. lol.
And my gosh you make me laugh when I read about the beans. I bought black beans a long time ago and still have yet to make them. Um just google the kind of beans you bought and I'm sure it'll come up with a recipe or two. My first guess is that you'll need a pot and some water, and and I suppose a stove would be useful. lol.
Hope your having a better food week!

Natalia said...

Do you still have the package they came in? Sometimes there are directions on the bag. Good Luck!!! :)

Boo Bear's Place said...

look at the package and alot or recipes may have how to cook them as well. i just bought some lentil today