Sunday, October 5, 2008

Freezing my butt off up north

Alaska is amazing. Except my wifi is messed up and I cannot us my pc, so I'm standing in the hotel lobby right now. This is going to be a super short post. I will try to upload some pictures later if I have a chance, but no promises.

I'm walking a ton! No car, my conference is in a different hotel, plus I am doing a ton of touring. I have been all over Anchorage by way of my little two feet, and I'm still trying to get in my daily cardio at the gym. I'm not counting calories while I'm here, but trying to keep in tune with my bodies needs. I did go overboard tonight at the conference banquet, but not as bad as in the past, and I avoided ALL alcohol even though it was free. Yeah me!

Weird thing about Alaska, they seem to be really limited on fresh fruit and veggies in the restaurants. They can't grow their own stuff, so it all has to be shipped in. It took me two days to find a banana. I almost hugged the server when he said that I could buy two for the road. A cup of fruit and one yogurt cup cost me $8 this morning and the fruit was horrible. Cost of living here is outrageous, but food seems to be the highest. I think they told me a gallon of milk is upwards of $6-$7. I'm from the midwest, a gallon of milk is less than $5. I was shocked. Anyway, I'm on a time limit here in the lobby, I'll work on a couple pics for later!

Hope you are all doing well.


Kari said...

Sounds like you have been doing really good with keepin moving...keep it up! Um that is wicked crazy about the shortage and cost of food there. And to think I thought it cost a lot to eat healthy here. lol.

Kari said...

oh yeah...and those pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!!