Monday, October 20, 2008

1700 and Jerk Alert

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was my alternate title, I think I will blog in that order:

The good: I have decided to try and mix things up by lowering my calorie intake to 1700. I've been at 1800 since I weighed 239 lbs, so it probably wouldn't hurt to try and drop it. I don't know if I'll be able to do it, but it is worth a shot.

The bad: I was horrible this weekend. We ate out every meal, and I had tons of cake, greasy and alcohol. Totally expecting a gain this week. Sunday was okay, I was back on track and did some activity. I'm really eating well again today also.

The ugly: At the bar Saturday night, one of my really good friend's husband met my brother for the first time. His comment to my husband was "How did he get to be the skinny one in the family?" WTF???? I'm really surprised my husband didn't hit him. If I would have known, I probably would have hit him. It's a good thing I didn't know until later. My husband stood up for me, and thankfully did NOT start a barfight. Seriously, this guy is like very overweight himself. And hello, WTF??? Who says that? I'm still not sure if I'm in disbelief or just unbelievably pissed. I haven't said anything to his wife who is one of my good friends because I know it will cause problems, but I know I'm not going to hang out with them anymore b/c of that. What would you do? This is freaking ridiculous. What an ass. I'm so upset. How do you learn to move on when people say shit like that?


Kari said...

Good plan to lower the calories since you are not at 239 anymore!!
I had an off week and I gained 2lbs. Way to get back into it and not let it derail you!!
Um yeah...can I hit the jerk for you please? Honestly in my opinion I wouldn't say anything to the wife. Good for your husband for sticking up for you...but I think if it were me...I'd confront him on the matter and let him know how I thought he was a better friend than to make a remark like that...and then before he could get a word in I'd walk away!!! I mean that was just pure disrespect not only for you but towards his friend for saying it about his wife. **SMACK SMACK SMACK** makes me angry. And I'm not sure how you move on from such harsh comments like that...the only way I've learned to cope with it is to exclude the person who said it.

nmburleson said...

Wow I wish I knew. We visited my step-father this weekend and when I showed him the newspaper article from the biggest loser contest and asked him if he could see any difference, he pointed to the one on the left and said, yeah, you're not smiling in this one and you are in this one (the one on the right). Some people are just a$$holes and we need to learn to take what they say with a grain of salt. I'll let you know when I've learned how to do that! :) For now I think they should be smacked! and HARD!!!!!!!

Hang in there you are doing great. Smart to cut down on the calories since you lost weight. Everyone has a weekend like you just had, looks like you've already brushed yourself off and gotten right back on track. Good for you!!! :)

Andrea said...

This friend's husband is an ass, but he is a man & I think a lot of them are just not sensitive to weight issues with women. It still should be an excuse for him to be such a jerk. I can't help much because I would opt not to be in a situation in which I have to socialize with him. I'm a bit of a grudge holder, well, I can forgive, but have a VERY hard time forgetting. That's my two cents.