Monday, September 22, 2008


So tired, that is my only response to hi how are you...?

I have been so tired for a few months now, I have even found myself starting to doze off behind the wheel. Woke up less than an inch from a semi truck one day. I am finally going to the doctor tomorrow. I don't feel depressed, but I don't have any other symptoms of thyroid issues. I wish I could type more, but I'm just at a loss today. I'm giving up on trying to pretend to feel peppy. Hopefully we can get some blood tests done tomorrow and get an idea what has been making me feel like a zombie.

I go from awake to heavy sleep/dreams in less than five minutes, this can't be normal. I can do this at any given time of the day, in any given location. In fact, I have to fight not to do it all day long. What gives?


Kari said...

yeah definately get your blood levels checked for your thyroid. You don't have to have all the sisters only symptom was that she was just losing weight for no reason. must be nice eh. lol.
It sucks being tired...i can relate. hopefully you can get this figured out and my god girl BE CAREFUL driving if your that tired!!!

MizFit said...

I echo thyroid too if you doing feel generalized depression in any other way?

definitely get it check as there is something you can do----no need to feel this way!

take care,


Shanna said...

Stress will do it to you too! You have had some MAJOR life changes lately, Mrs. Newlwed! Hmmmm... are you up all night doing the naughty?!?! LOL- J/K!!!

Seriously though, its good you are going to the dr. Have i checked out. but in the mean time, try to go throughout the day WITHOUT saying "I'm Tired", or "I'm sleepy", or any other variation. I catch myself doing that sometimes and believe it or not, it helps. =) Good luck at the docs.

And get some sleep at night.. sheesh!!