Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So I finally feel a slight forward momentum. What a relief. I have been eating regularly for a couple days, spent a good amount of time at the gym, and saw my first weight LOSS in nearly 4 months. It was only .8 lbs, but still, it was rewarding to see that the scale can go down again. Hopefully this isn't a fluke of nature, but I'm taking it as a loss and celebrating (not with food of course).

I feel almost back to normal with my motivation levels. I have still been tired, but I quit taking my migraine medicine and it has really helped eliminate some of my lost daze personality. I hate feeling like I'm comatosed (spelling? really who knows how to spell that?).

Thanks girls for sticking with me. I really need this support and look forward to seeing the scale continue to decline! How bout a wedding picture for good measure...I should point out this is my Dad, and it was a jeans and t-shirt wedding. I just surprised the crowd with a dress.


Shanna said...

With the stress of planning a wedding, I don;t think I would have lost any weight either! you are lucky you didn't gain at that time!

Congrats on the loss, any movement (of course in the right direction) on the scale is something to celebrate! Woo Hoo!!!!

You look so beautiful in your dress! How is married life treating you?? How many time have you been asked that question??? Don't worry, they will stop asking that soon, and start asking 'So when are you going to have a baby?? Ugh...that is so annoying. I have been married for 6 years, and that is ALL I hear!! =)

BTW- thanks for the comments... you are too sweet! But I think I just gained a few pounds due to my head growing about 10 times its normal size! You definitely inflated my ego! THNX =)

jen said...

So glad to see you are feeling better. Its amazing how even a slight loss can get you motivated again. YAY! :)

Are ya gonna post more wedding pix? Are ya? Or is this one just a tease? ;)

You just might be my inspiration to get my *** off this chair and go do some sort of exercise...eventually. :) Garage saling, potty training and preschool will take precedence today. *sigh*

Have a great day!