Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I heart BL

I cannot say it enough. I heart BL in every way. Now I know a lot of people hate BL because of the false promise, etc etc, but really I do not care. I get motivated watching the show. I want those people to succeed! I feel like every emotion they are experiencing I either have, am, or will experience. I get way to involved. I think I started to tear up like six times last night (at least).

I love the yellow team at this point, which I'm sure can change like 15 times before the end of the season, but that daughter has worked so hard to save her dad. It just gives you a feel good emotion. And Heba, I think her hubby is kind of a dickweed, but she is so sweet. I want her to kick some major butt. Wait, let me say it again. I heart BL. And everyone loves Bob, who I just don't see it, he's so little, but Jillian, she is the kind of trainer you want to please. I need to ask my trainer to scream in my face maybe. Okay, probably not, but you get the point.

I stayed up watching BL until midnight because I had a late night meeting, so I feel kind of delirious today, but I don't care. All I really want to do now is go to the gym. Guess why. I feel inspired. That and I'm a real nerd. NBC does not have this show on air to save lives, they just want to make some moooooney, but how many people do you really think get inspired watching the show? It just hits home. So anyway, I guess now that I gushed I should admit that I went over my calories yesterday by 205. Bummer. I was on track to stay under and caved to a piece of pizza. Why I didn't watch BL before I shoved my face with grease, I don't know. I'll make up for it today with a great workout and tighter calorie budget. All will be well with the world. Its all good.


butterfly said...

I couldn't agree with you more! The networks' main goal is to make money. Clever of them that they've chosen a theme that hits close to home for a lot of people whether they've battled with weight loss or not. They've taken the # 1 priority of many people and made it into a competition. Genius!

Thankfully I do leave my couch feeling motivated and inspired after watching the show.

Hope you have a great OP day =)

Anonymous said...

I love it to. I didn;t get a chance to watch last night (past my bed time...hey, I wake up at 4:30, OK!!) But I dVR'ed it and will watch this afternoon!!

I agree.. I would want Jillian as my trainer. She is so kick-ass!! I love her dril sergeant approach!

BTW- love your pic!!! Too funny!! =)

jen said...

LOL, I love that picture. You are a hoot. I like the concept of the show and the finale is awesome to see, but I just can't see people cry every 5 minutes on that show. I love that they succeed though. :)

Kari said...

OMG I love it...that's hillarious!