Friday, September 5, 2008

not on track

So truthfully, I'm still not on track. I would like to fool myself into believing that I am, but I just ate a donut, seriously. After a big breakfast. My calories haven't been under 1800 in like 3 months. On track my a** right? Admit it Amy, you are NOT back on track. Dang. I need to find my own level of commitment I guess. What has happened to my choice to live healthy? I'm not choosing to eat appropriately or healthfully. THIS IS NUTS. When do I say enough is enough? SHEESH!


Shanna said...

Well, I think you just said it! Now you just have to do it (the hard part).

I totally accept your online pinky promise! =) We can do this, girlie!

nmburleson said...

Amy -Thanks for visiting my blog!

I think that by admitting that you are not on track that alone will make it a little bit easier for you to get back on track. Take it one meal at a time if you have to. Tell yourself, "Ok I'm going to eat a healthy breakfast". Then the next day do breakfast and lunch and so on and so on.

I know you can do this! :)

butterfly said...

You've done the best thing, you've accepted it. Now it's time to move along. Call this a tiny little pothole along the way =)

Natalia is right, it's one meal/ one bite at a time.

Good luck on a great week!

jen said...

Its a cycle my dear. At least you are recognizing your signs. If you see yourself starting to go off track again, ask yourself if you're really hungry...if you are then comes the this a good choice to eat.
I am currently in my own little stand still. We'll get out of it again. We just have to keep at it. You have come SO far, Amy. I'm so proud of you. I bet your husband is, too.

Have great weekend!

amy said...

I hope its a cycle. Im an AMy as well and I ate Ben and Jerrys yesterday, just because. I knew better..