Monday, September 29, 2008

Ramble and Roll

Hello, and how are you all? Its a fall day here, which would normally really excite me. It does excite me. I'm definitely down today. I found out a buddy of mine passed away this weekend, and I'm going to his visitation tonight after I go to the gym. He won't care what I smell like.

It really put a damper on my day. Not to mention hubs is having a bad time with his new job. He found out they are doing a bunch of unethical crap, and he is a Christian man with morals, so he's already looking for a job after being at this job for only a week. Doesn't look very good on a resume.

Anyway, enough of my pity party. Life is really okay. I'm not broke, or living in way that I'm doing without. I am just sad to have lost my friend and feel bad for hubs. Looking forward to going to the gym tonight. I'll have to hurry my workout slightly since I'll have the visitation.

Other than that, I did emotionally eat at lunch. I had cheese balls. Yum. I love those little fried balls of ooey gooey goodness. The grease was horrible. I had to link to the image because there was no way I could make everyone look at them without getting hungry. Although, I actually linked to cheese curds, which are slightly different, only in the type of cheese that are inside. Most cheese balls have cheddar, or some type of yellow cheese inside, while often, cheese curds have a white inside I think. One meal will not get me off track though. I will skip my afternoon snack and eat a smaller supper. Have a great evening all.


nmburleson said...

I'm sorry for your loss!

Take care!

Andrea said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.

Shanna said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend =(

I am just catching on all my readings, and saw that! I am also sorry that hubs is miserable. I know all about that! We have been having the same problem with my hubby's job. He is miserable. Its so hard when someone you love is hurting, it really gets you down too! I'll keep you and your hubs in my prayers. Everything will work out! =)