Friday, November 14, 2008

Starving, since 1982

I cannot keep my damn hands out of any food at all. For Pete's sake. My need to eat has been ridiculous. I'm already back up over my 189 mark, cue the violin. I have been drinking so much water my eyeballs are floating. I'm just not sure what to do. I feel so out of control when my mind (because it cannot be my stomach) tells me I'm starving, famished, and I just got done eating my whole meal. Sorry for the vent, but it seems like so much work to be busting my ass at the gym and then eating like a mad lady later. For once, I would like the appetite to just go away. Stupid taste buds anyway.

Otherwise, I have had a great week of workouts. I am still sore from my Tuesday workout, which seems next to impossible. It didn't seem that bad when I was doing it, but I'm glad it was so good. The trainer and I took it easy on Wednesday to try and heal up, but since I was still sore this morning, I think she just let me have it anyway (which was good, I have to burn those extra intake calories somehow).

Guess I'm just grumpy. I bet that goes away in a few hours when I leave work! Have a great weekend everyone. (PS-Here's a shout out to Jen, glad you are stopping by, I miss our regular convos, but I'm glad you are still around!)


RunningNan said...

Speaking of.. I'm hungry!

Andrea said...

I'm with you - I'm not having much trouble making sure I get my exercise in, but the eating is soooooo hard for me. If you find the magic solution, please share - lol.

MizFit said...

speaking of...I grumpy :)

Natalia - Embracing the Weight Loss Journey said...

I'm kinda grumpy too! Mine is PMS thought! Hope you feel better!

On another note I have a new blog location and I'm doing a giveaway! It's a bracelet my sister designed. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment! :)