Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, Monday, la laaa la la laaa

It is Monday, again. When will I learn that the weekends are never long enough. I doubt I ever will. I gave myself the entire weekend to eat whatever I wanted, hoping that would help me to not feel so deprived coming into this week. It seems to have done this trick. Granted, by saying I could eat whatever I wanted, it wasn't like I relapsed to 250 lb eating. I cannot eat that much anymore without becoming miserable. I still ate past the point of comfortable twice this weekend, but I have not felt the unsatiable hunger today that I did the last two weeks.

On the nice side of things, I probably won't be weighing in this week as I will be out deer hunting in the afternoons. Hopefully you all won't think I'm a terrible person for that, but we eat all the meat, so it is not like I'm out killing something for fun. And, if you do think I'm a bad person, well I guess that gives you the power to quit reading my blog. Hooray for freedom of expression, and really cheap, lean meat. As far as not having to weigh in this week, it means I can possibily get my weight back down before I realize how much damage I actually did. And I won't be beating myself up mentally.

Okay, so now that I sound like a total redneck, have a great week everyone!


butterfly said...

"Northern Neck" here says as much as I love Bambi, I don't hate you :P

If it's for food and not fire place art, then that's a totally different story:P

Good luck to you on a great OP week =)

MizFit said...

think your a terrible person??
nah :)

not this carnivore...

who also sees so so so many deer on the side of the road because theyve become too tame/over populated.

Scale Junkie said...

I'd rather see people humanely hunt deer than see them mangled by the roadside. So not a total redneck ;)

Just think of all the exercise you'll get hiking through the woods!