Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good afternoon

Hooray, no Chinese today. I have been on track all day. I have eaten a little extra chocolate, but i have logged it into my journal, and will just cut back on supper tonight.

I haven't worked out once this week. It feels so weird not going to the gym. The crazy thing is, I don't feel guilty, but I do feel yuckier when I'm not working out. This has mostly been because instead of going to the gym after work, I've been going hunting, which requires some walking, but not enough to constitute my daily exercise. Will definitely have to get right back into the exercise mode as soon as season is over.

In other news, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. A follow-up to see if my new meds are working (they're not). Hopefully I can get him to refer me to a head specialist. I'm so tired of playing the medication game. Let's fix the problem, not treat the symptoms. I'm hopeful that this will be a good step if he'll go for it...

That's all for now, eat a little less, move a little more. Hooray for an easy theory on weight loss.

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