Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forced onto the scale

Duh, how could I forget that I would have to weight at the doctor's office? I was mortified when I realized it on the way to the appointment. Shit, I've been thinking I'd have a week to deal with any gains I had before I had to see what the scale showed. Crap, this is going to be very bad.

It wasn't bad at all. I was up half a pound. Sigh of relief. I've been logging calories religiously this week, so that probably saved me, but I know I need to keep it up if I am going to continue succeeding. I'm really excited to go visit my friend this weekend, we are having like a girl's only weekend, throwing a Thanksgiving Extravaganza, and then I am going shopping all day Monday with my Mom, a real dose of relaxation. CAN'T WAIT!

In other news, trying a different medication AGAIN, for the four millionth time. This one should make me less tired and less hungry. It doesn't suppress the appetite, but it shouldn't encourage it either. Phew. I asked about going to a migraine specialist and my doctor kind of flipped out slightly. I think if this new medication doesn't work, I'm going to switch doctors again. I asked him what could be causing the migraines, and he said, there is no cause, you just get them. I felt really uncomfortable at that point. Then he told me if I would go workout I'd feel better. Um HELLO?, I work out everyday (except less this week as mentioned yesterday). So, I felt really stupid and left dumbfounded. Such is life I guess. Hopefully the new meds will work and I can move on!

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