Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Wow, my creative is not flowing today, so this post may be relatively boring.

For those on the edges of their seats waiting to hear...Yes, I did make the 189 by Halloween goal. 188.8 was the official weigh in. So that makes the official 50 Pound Weight Loss mark. Hooray. I should act more excited, but it was on Friday, so the excitement has worn off for me a little. I need to stay out of leftover Halloween candy if I want that number to stick around!

Had a great personal training session today. We did a lot with bands. Something I'm not familiar with. I own bands, but I didn't know all the different moves you could do with them. Very exciting. I won't be posting Wed or Thurs as I will be on the road for work (story of my life the last couple weeks, reason for my slow posting habits).

Nothing else very exciting to post. I will brag about one nice perk I receive living in a rural area. I walked into my polling location today. I was the only voter. The only one, no line at all. I walked in, cast my vote. I was voter number 187. That was at noon. My, how I love rural America. No hour long wait to vote for this gal...happy election day America.


nmburleson said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 188.8 Awesome! :)

Andrea said...

Wow - 50lbs gone is AWESOME!! You need to post some before/after pics. I always find that really motivating.

RunningNan said...

I could've walked if I wanted to, but my friends and I went together around 6. There was no wait what so ever. The wait was longer at Chik Filet than it was at the polling station. I of course gave my free sammy to my friend for lunch today!

I'm so glad to hear that you made your goal by halloween!

Kari said...

WOW - That Is REMARKABLE!!!! 50lbs is something to really feel great about and celebrate! **doing a little dance in my chair for you**
It's crazy how good of a workout you can get with those bands. They were the topic of our meeting a week ago. I have 3 different strengths. Guess I could be putting them to use.
Hope you are having a great week!!!

butterfly said...


The 50 lb token is awesome.

Congratulations to you!