Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Only 2 Thanksgiving meals left

I'm half way there. I didn't do well with the second Thanksgiving meal. It wasn't actually the meal itself as much as cooking all day long. I ended up being full before we even ate the meal. But I still ate, OF COURSE. I don't know why I do that. I ate so much I got the hiccups. It was ridiculous. I also drank quite a bit, so when I weigh in next, it may be scary. My next weigh in will probably be Monday though since I'll be doing the gym in the morning tomorrow and then it will be closed Thursday.

All in all, I'm still hangin in there. I'm not giving it 100%, more like 75%, and that needs to change. I am back on track fully today, but I fear when I am on the road this week, I'll be back in the half-assed mode. I think my attitude is all wrong. I should just KNOW that I will do well on the road. I have two days to get that way. My dilemma is that I like big portions, which I can eat at home because I cook my stuff much lower calorie. So, I start to feel deprived on the road when I eat less to compensate for the higher calorie value (example, my dad always cooks the eggs in so much butter I could fall over, that would never happen at my house, I use spray for Pete's sake. I know his taste better, but sheesh.) Anyway, that is the dilemma, so what is the solution to still feeling satisfied with smaller portions?


Natalia said...

Hmm I know what you're saying. How bout this, (if you can cook your own meals) have either a smaller portion of the higher calorie stuff, or a larger portion of something that you make! When I visit my dad I bring my own food. That way I'm in charge of myself. I don't know what else you might be able to do except pick and choose what you want to eat and try not to feel deprived while doing it!

Thinking Thin said...

Two Thanksgiving meals left? How many are there? I guess I'm lucky in the fact that it will be yogurt at my computer desk...lol.

butterfly said...

You can enjoy some of the rich stuff. Perhaps you could suggest alternative cooking methods?