Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Back

I can feel how much better I feel now that December is over. I feel like myself again. So, in association with the new year, I'm officially going to start weighing in during morning hours. This is a huge change for me, and one I've really resisted, but it seems only logical since I've changed my gym habits to morning time (for now at least). So today I was at 194 (probably 196 night time scale, but hey, I'm not freaking or worrying about it). I need to weigh in daily for my own sanity, and this is the best way for me to be consistent.

194 is a nice round number to start at for me. It is my 45 lb mark. So, 5 more to get back to my first goal. I weighed in for the New Year's Challenge at my gym this morning, so that is my starting weight for that. The top prize is a six month membership to the gym, and now that I'm a poor college student again, I need that prize. It would be awarded right after mine expires (literally a couple days), so how perfect is gives me something to focus on when I think I need a cookie after dinner. Other prizes include iPods, free PT, free massages, etc.

I'm holding my hopes high on the 6 month membership. It feels good to be back on plan. Even my PT this morning said she feels like she was working with the old me. I have not been as into it the last month, but this morning, she experimented with me when we were boxing (my fav workout), and I had a blast. I feel great again. 2009 is going to rock!


Natalia said...

Wow 6 months at the gym, that's a great prize!!! You can do it!!!!

Jen said...

Its amazing how a little incentive can you back on track. Just keep your eye on the prize and you'll see the results come too. :)

Glad you remembered who I was after all this time. ;)