Saturday, January 17, 2009

1 down, 22 to go

WEEK 1 is over!

It was probably the easiest week we will have. We don't actually start PT until Wednesday. We had a "sample" of what it is going to be like last week though, and all I can say is damn I'm sore. I want them to beat the crap out of me, I guess that is what I'm going to get.

I want to leave tough, I guess that is what I'm going to get. I'm really excited to start learning the defensive tactics too, but also very nervous. I'm a very non-confrontational person. Beating other people up? I've never even been in a fight. Ekkks.

Anyway, I know everyone is dying to know how the first week went, so I just wanted to write a quick note, I'm going to try and stop by a few of your blogs, but it is just a super busy time, maybe Monday I'll have Internet access for a while longer? I'm dying to know if Shanna has moved yet, how Sara's play is going, if FB got her job, if Andrea is still Zumbaing, if Thinking Too Thin is still giddy with A...all sorts of stuff I need to check in on...btw, if you didn't see your name, it doesn't mean I'm not excited about some of your stuff still...if tony likes isu yet, if the other tony is in onerderland yet, if mizfit decided to give me any cool prizes, wait, I guess you have to comment to get on that list, if PQ is still having a headache...ahhh, I read too many damn blogs!

Later folks. I'll do an extra pushup or dead cockroach for you all!


Kari said...

Hey Amy.
It was great to hear from you. I know I know chin up and chear up. I'm trying my best girl, I promise. I don't like to sound like a sad fat girl anymore than others like to read it. LOL
Sounds like you are in for a real treat with all that is to come. I don't even know what a dead cockroach is but it sounds crazy. lol.
Thinking of you and Wishing you all the strength you'll need to get through this!

Andrea said...

Amy! I've missed you!! I'm glad Training is going well for you, but we miss hearing from you regularly. I hope you do well & don't worry about not being confrontational, just think of it all like a work out & give it your best. I know you'll do great! By the way, what is a dead cockroach?

jen said...

Glad to see your post this morning, Amy. A big cheer from this girl that you get the crap beat out of you soon...LOL since that is what you want. ;)
I've finally found my oomph again, myself. Running on my treadmill. I miss getting the 1st 10lbs club sometimes. But if this is how I can keep in touch, so be it. :)

You are awesome! Keep up all your hard work!


Shanna said...

Hey lady! Congrats on completing your first week! You are one bad ass chick now!! =)

And YES... we moved into our very first home!! WOoo HOooo!!!! I just turned in my apartment keys yesterday. Now the fun part begine... unpacking! BLAH! I'll update my blog later, I just wanted to check & see how you were doing! Good luck on your second week! Later gator! =D