Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spaghetti AGAIN

Are you kidding me? Yesterday, I ate for "fun" rather than for fuel yet again. I say fun, but I always feel miserable when I'm done! The worst part is that it wasn't even Spaghetti. It was Ramen noodles. Ekks. I had a horrible eating day yesterday. Pizza/Pasta buffet for lunch, and sweet corn on the cob with Ramen noodles for supper. How ridiculous. Talk about carb overload. The good news, I'm doing GREAT today. I've had whole grains, low sodium, and Shanna over at A Gym Rat's Tale has me feeling motivated. Thanks Shanna!

I missed my personal training this a.m., but definitely not on purpose. We had a scheduling mishap, and I'm going to get off early to go workout so I can make up for my lack of planning today. I can usually remember a good portion of the moves we do, so I'll try to mimic a session and then do a good cardio routine to follow up this afternoon.

I've been really trying to shake up my cardio routine, but it is so hard to do. I feel like I'm in a rut. I alternate b/w the treadmill, bike, eliptical, treadclimber, and track sprints, but I'm not sure what new stuff to try. Does anyone else ever feel this way? What are good activities to really make you sweat?

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Anonymous said...

No problemo senorita! Glad I could help!

Cardio can be hard to keep fresh sometimes, one of the minor changes, that suprisingly makes a huge difference... switch up your playlist. Believe it or not, this actually works. I change my playlist on my mp3, usually all up beat, fast songs, some 80's, some rock, some pop...your choice, and its like a whole new workout!

One of my fav workouts, just walking to my local park and doing different intervals at each pavillion. Like I do step ups on the benches, then run to the next pavillion and do jumping jacks or sit ups, yada yada. I usually do it for the length of the whatever song is playing! Good Luck!