Monday, August 11, 2008

In A Funk

Wow, so I have been in a food funk for like 3 months now (at least). My weight has been rocking back and forth between a five pound range for almost six months, and these last few weeks seem to have been the hardest for me.

I'm really considering consulting with a dietitian (even though there are not really any close to me in the area). It seems when I eat within my calorie range, I feel so hungry, and I'm not sure if my activity level is substantial enough to really put me in the next highest calorie range. My personal trainer thinks I might need more, but she wasn't sure, and my doctor said no. So, I feel torn, mostly because my doctor is such a goof, I really need a new one.

I'm yammering on about a bunch of nothing. I have no gym plans for tonight since I have to go to two city council meetings before I can go home. Maybe I'll put a dog on a leash and go for a run, but after such a long day at work, I usually just want to relax. I guess I'm just whining a lot today, and I should probably put my pity party to rest, but it won't happen until I get a good sweat and day on track with calories (my whole weekend was HORRIBLE!!!!!).

Hope you are all doing better than I did!


Anonymous said...

Make sure you are getting enough protein and diet, but still staying in your calorie range. That will help keep you more satisfied. And LOTS of water!!

you already know, to try to stay away from carbs, they only leave ou hungry later. Have more fruit too!

Are you keeping a food journal? I hate doing it, but it really helps you see what you are doing right & wrong. I tend to write my weight down everday too that way I can soo where the fluctuations are. Its sucks & its alot of work, but it pays off in the long run! Good luck!! =)

Hope it helps!

butterfly said...

I agree with Shanna. I was in a rut at one point, and when my leader and I went over my food journal she noticed that the protein content was rather low.

I can often see a 5lb fluctuation in one day!

Just remember why you're on this journey and where you want to be.

Good luck on a fantastic week!