Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 Weeks Left

Is it possible? Only three weeks left? I don't have a job yet, which is super scary, but I'm not allowing myself to panic yet.

I have so much I want to gush about, but most of it is not great news on the diet front. I have slacked a bit since out PT has been done, and my eating has been OUT OF CONTROL. I updated my ticker today, but I'm not sure if it is right or not.

The good news is, I'm heading to the gym in about a half hour, and I'm uber pumped about it. I will begin my daily weigh ins again tomorrow. I cannot believe I let myself quit caring. I don't mind not tracking my weight, but I have been out of control on letting myself slip. I am more concerned about my health and well being and future job now than looking great, but truth is, looking great is an added bonus.

Hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly when life slows down a bit. I miss everyone so much. Have a great day everyone. Feels good to vent this to you all, I feel like I can have a fresh start this afternoon now that I have cleared my slate.


Jen said...

Wow, that time went fast!!!
And don't think of this as not caring about your weight. Think about how much stronger you are. How much healthier you are. You'll get back to thinking about your diet soon enough. Don't stress about that.

You are doing superb!!! Yay, Amy!
(ok went a little !!!! crazy, backing away from the punctuation)

Kari said...

I wouldn't necessarily say that you've let yourself go completely. You have been busting your ass there, out of your own environment, etc. etc. Not trying to make excuses here, though I know I'm good at doing it. You just have to realize that what you have gone through is one step in making your life a healthier one. Take what you have learned there in PT and apply it to your regular routine.
Looking great is a part of your health and well being!!!
Keep up the killer job you have been doing and I'm looking forward to hearing from you a lot more frequently.
Oh yeah...and today I start my regular weigh ins again as well.

Natalia said...

wow! You've done great! Are they going to help you find a job?

jen said...

So you should be done now.


You did it. :D