Monday, January 4, 2010

Holy crap I ate too much in December

Over the course of December, I gain about 15 pounds. Or at least it feels that way. I actually have been weighing in at 191 this week, so I guess that isn't 15 pounds, but I feel bloated as ever.

Tomorrow morning, well today actually, I weigh in for the New Year's Challenge at my gym. We compete on percentage of body weight loss and percent of body fat. Also, we compete on healthy habits (sleep, water, and exercise by recording points). I'm on year three of doing this, and it is so much fun. We always get great prizes. I got 7 months free gym membership last year, one free personal training session, and a free massage therapy session (which I gave away).

You can tell I'm sleepy because my sentences are really rambling! I'll post my stats after I find out what they are. Perhaps I should set some goals for post testing this week too.

Hope you are all doing well with the New Year!

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Natalia said...

That contest sounds like fun. I like that they keep doing it and that they focus on positive healthy changes!